How to reduce bathroom remodelling costs

Remodelling a bathroom is typically expensive and can cost is around $17,000 but can vary depending on factors such as labour costs, size of the bathroom, etc. Such an amount is still high, but you can reduce the cost by using these tips: 1.    Do it yourself The bulk of the bathroom remodelling costs are channelled toward materials and labour costs. You can reduce the cost by doing the remodelling. This approach only works if you have the expertise to handle remodelling tasks. Read More 

How to Succeed at Rain Water Tank Cleaning

In areas where rainfall is poor, rainwater tanks are infinitely useful. If you have one in your yard, you can't just leave it there without any maintenance. From time-to-time, you need to engage in rainwater tank cleaning.  Address your gutters to keep your rainwater tank clean Did you know that four-percent of gutters contain faecal matter? With that in mind, you need to clean them regularly. Try cleaning your gutters on a quarterly basis. Read More 

Benefits of Hand Dryer Use Over Paper Towels

Commercial restrooms must be outfitted with some type of method for hand drying. The two common options include hand dryers or traditional paper towels. Both are designed to offer optimal levels of hand drying but do so using different techniques. Choosing to have hand dryers installed instead of paper towel dispensers can give you access to a wide variety of benefits. No Disposal When you choose to have a paper towel dispenser in your commercial bathroom, you have to concern yourself with the disposal of paper towels. Read More 

What To Expect From Your Liquid Waste Removal Service

Liquid waste removal is a vital service for domestic clients as well as various businesses, such as car washes, laboratories, hospitals, construction companies, restaurants, as well as processing and manufacturing plants. A liquid waste removal company provides a safe and legal way to dispose sludge, septic tank waste, grease trap waste, dyes, chemicals, detergents, drain water, wash water and other forms of liquid waste. If you are planning to seek the same service, this article explains what you can expect from your provider. Read More 

Four Simple Locks You Can Use to Deter People or Wild Animals From Getting Into Your Rubbish Bin

If you are tired of animals getting into your wheelie bin and spreading rubbish around, there are ways to keep your bin locked and closed. If you have a hired bin, don't worry -- all of these solutions don't damage the bin at all, and they are perfect for usage with hired bins: 1. Velcro locking straps You can make or buy your own velcro-based straps that lock your wheelie bin. Read More