How to reduce bathroom remodelling costs

Remodelling a bathroom is typically expensive and can cost is around $17,000 but can vary depending on factors such as labour costs, size of the bathroom, etc. Such an amount is still high, but you can reduce the cost by using these tips:

1.    Do it yourself

The bulk of the bathroom remodelling costs are channelled toward materials and labour costs. You can reduce the cost by doing the remodelling. This approach only works if you have the expertise to handle remodelling tasks. If you don't have the expertise, you can handle some of the labour-intensive tasks such as demolition. For example, instead of hiring a pro to handle tile removal, you can tear them out and save a few hundred dollars.  

2.    Hire a designer

Although hiring an architect or designer to help with the planning stage might seem like a costly approach, it's cost-effective. The designer will help you choose a design that fits your budget and guide you through the material stage. It's better to have a plan as you will know how to get to your desired end product. A plan will help reduce errors, thus saving time and money.

3.    Buy used

You can visit websites where you can find homeowners who have remodelled their bathrooms and have a few leftover parts. You can buy such materials at a discount instead of buying them at your local store. This will offset some of your bathroom remodelling costs. You can also visit your local recycling centre and scour for tubs, windows, tiles, faucets, laminate flooring etc. The items you find here will sell at less than half the retail price. Talk to your contractor and ask if they have materials that remained from previous bathroom remodelling projects.

4.    Paint

If the remodelling cost is too much and you can't afford to spend that much, you can opt for cheaper alternatives. Instead of remodelling the entire bathroom, consider changing the layout and swapping the older fixtures for new ones so you can repaint the bathroom. You can give the bathroom a new look by applying a fresh coat of paint. It will be costly and time-consuming as you'll need to be careful when applying the paint around the windows, sink, mirror, etc. You can hire a professional to handle the task as they will know the type of paint to use to limit the growth of mould and mildew.   

Learn more about budgeting for a bathroom remodel by contacting local relevant contractors.