Benefits of Hand Dryer Use Over Paper Towels

Commercial restrooms must be outfitted with some type of method for hand drying. The two common options include hand dryers or traditional paper towels. Both are designed to offer optimal levels of hand drying but do so using different techniques. Choosing to have hand dryers installed instead of paper towel dispensers can give you access to a wide variety of benefits.

No Disposal

When you choose to have a paper towel dispenser in your commercial bathroom, you have to concern yourself with the disposal of paper towels. Paper towels must be disposed of properly to limit the spread of germs and have to be disposed of often to ensure that the restroom does not look dirty or cluttered. With the use of a hand dryer, you do not have to be concerned with paper towel disposal. Maintenance and cleanup are unavoidable when you use paper towels as the hand drying method of choice, but this is not the case of you choose to have hand dryers installed.

Plumbing Problems

It should come as no surprise that having paper towels within a commercial restroom can lead to the increased occurrence of plumbing issues. People may try to flush paper towels down the toilet and this can lead to clogs and blockages that disrupt the plumbing. If you are looking to cut down on the need for plumbing repairs, it is a good idea to have all paper towels removed from restrooms and only hand dryers installed. This will remove the risk of paper towels being flushed down toilets and causing clogs.


In the past, the biggest downside to using hand dryers was the energy cost. However, there are newer models of hand dryers that are designed to be energy efficient. This means that they can be the cost effective solution to your commercial restroom hand drying needs. Not only are hand dryers designed to be more energy efficient, but they are also better for the environment. The carbon footprint that comes with hand dryer use is a lot less than what comes with the use of a paper towel dispenser.


The amount of daily maintenance that comes with the use of paper towels is much higher than what is required with a hand dryer. Hand dryers only need to be maintained when a part no longer functions properly. However, an employee must fill paper towel dispensers regularly. This only adds to the overall cost of having paper towels over a hand dryer.

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