What To Expect From Your Liquid Waste Removal Service

Liquid waste removal is a vital service for domestic clients as well as various businesses, such as car washes, laboratories, hospitals, construction companies, restaurants, as well as processing and manufacturing plants. A liquid waste removal company provides a safe and legal way to dispose sludge, septic tank waste, grease trap waste, dyes, chemicals, detergents, drain water, wash water and other forms of liquid waste. If you are planning to seek the same service, this article explains what you can expect from your provider.

Vacuum loading

The most common method of liquid waste removal is through tankers. These can load huge volumes of waste from domestic, commercial and industrial clients. A hose is used to suction the liquid waste from its location, be it in a tank, underground channels or other hard-to-reach areas. This is referred to as vacuum loading. It offers a fast, clean and thorough way of extracting the waste without any spills and without creating unnecessary downtimes at your facility. Once all the waste has been collected, it's ferried away in the disposal truck.

Drum pick-up and removal

Another way in which liquid waste is collected is via drums. Your liquid waste removal company will provide you with the drums to ensure maximum safety. You will then fill up your liquid waste inside and seal them when full. The company will then collect and load them onto their trucks for removal when due. Replacement drums will be provided at the same time. Liquid waste removal via drums is ideal where the waste being collected is not of significant volume. It's also ideal where the establishment in question does not have a storage facility to store the waste in.

Tank/drum cleaning

In addition to just removing your waste, most liquid waste companies will also offer cleaning services as well. This entails blasting your waste storage facilities with high pressure water. This helps to sanitize the storage tanks and to ensure that no dried sludge as been left behind. Be sure to ask your liquid waste removal provider if they offer this service as part of the removal or separately.

Waste treatment & recycling

Once your liquid waste has been removed from the site, it is taken to a treatment facility. Here, the waste is sorted and treated in line with environmental regulations. Any non-degradable materials are put in the landfill while recyclable wastes are reused for other uses, such as compost and fertilizer. Treated waste water is then reused for applications such as landscaping and cleaning.

You can seek your liquid waste removal services in a number of ways: on demand or as per a pre-arranged schedule. You can also seek removals after emergencies, such as spillages or when your tanks fill up.