Four Simple Locks You Can Use to Deter People or Wild Animals From Getting Into Your Rubbish Bin

If you are tired of animals getting into your wheelie bin and spreading rubbish around, there are ways to keep your bin locked and closed. If you have a hired bin, don't worry -- all of these solutions don't damage the bin at all, and they are perfect for usage with hired bins:

1. Velcro locking straps

You can make or buy your own velcro-based straps that lock your wheelie bin. Essentially, you want to use adhesive to stick one side of the velcro to the base of your wheelie bin. Then, you want to attach a second corresponding velcro strap to the top of your lid.

When you pull the top strap down, it attaches to the bottom strap, keeping your lid closed. You just have to remember to unfasten the straps on collection day. Before opting for this solution, test the adhesive on a small discrete area to make sure it doesn't damage your wheelie bin.

2. Gravity locks

If you don't want to have to remember to disengage your lock on collection day, explore the idea of gravity locks. These locks clip between the lip around the edge of your bin and its lid. Using spring pressure, they hold down your lid tightly.

However, when the rubbish collection truck lifts up your wheelie bin to put the rubbish in the truck, the gravity triggers the lock, forcing it open.

3. Shelf brackets

Surprisingly, in the right circumstances, a simple shelf bracket can help to keep a rubbish bin closed. You need a spare section of wall on your home, garage or shed where you can hang a shelf bracket. Locate it at the exact height as your bin, and make sure that its length is between a third and a half of the length of the bin's lid.

Then, after the rubbish collectors pick up your garbage, roll your bin to this area and push it against the wall. Now, if anyone tries to lift your bin's lid, the bracket will make that virtually impossible.

Keep in mind this type of lock will not stop vandals as they can just move the bin, but it should deter random passers-by from dropping rubbish into your bins, and it will certainly thwart most wild animals.

4. Bungee cord

A simple bungee cord can also help to keep a wheelie bin closed. Just hook one side of the cord's hook under the back lip of your bin and the other side on the front lip of your bin. You can reinforce this bin 'lock' with several bungee cords oriented perpendicular to each other.

If you need to hire large skip bins that don't include any sort of lid or covering, ask the company you're hiring from for tips to keep animals out.